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We are committed to raising awareness of the effects of perimenopause and menopause on women’s health and the impact that this can have on quality of life. We strive to empower women, trans and non-binary people to be more involved in the decision making process surrounding the care and treatments they receive.

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Maggie Holloway

Clinic Director & Founder

A local lass, Maggie began her career as a primary school teacher before leaving the profession to start her own business specialising in Theatre in Education in primary schools throughout the UK and abroad. Her business was very successful employing more than a hundred staff and her business quickly became the most respected in the UK in its field.

At the age of 46 Maggie started to experience debilitating symptoms of perimenopause which, at the age of 51, culminated in her selling her business and retiring. After years of medical investigations, a hysterectomy, scans, and endless tests, Maggie decided to embark on her own research into the effects on the body of perimenopause and menopause.

She took the decision to start HRT and has never looked back. Now she would like to help other woman suffering with often debilitating symptoms caused by hormonal deficiency and provide them with medical based, up to date information to give them the confidence to be proactively involved in the decision making process surrounding the management of their own menopausal symptoms.

She has gathered together some of Ayrshire’s most respected healthcare professionals all of whom are as passionate about women’s health as Maggie is and has formed Scotland’s first dedicated menopause clinic. Opening soon, Menopause Health Matters in Miller Road, Ayr, will provide women with the opportunity to discuss at length their individual symptoms and concerns with a GP who specialises in all things menopause. Maggie also wants to provide all women, whether they use the facilities at the clinic or not, with free advice and information on the clinic website so they can approach their menopause journey with confidence and with the information needed to make informed decisions surrounding their own individualised menopause care.

The clinic will also be looking at holistic  approaches to menopause care with advice on nutrition, exercise and wellness.

When not talking about menopause Maggie loves to keep fit in the gym, walk on the beach with her wee dog Buddy and annoy her husband and daughter with her constant singing.


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